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Possible Zooey Deschanel Sexts of the Day

Here are some old self shot nude pics that Zooey Deschanel sexted her boyfriend and that he released out of bitterness that she doesn’t answer his emails now that she’s famous…

I’m glad that we live in a nicely perverted world. Where digital cameras, webcams and cell phone cameras are everywher and they are being used for their original purpose…to SEXT. So many girls do it….

I’m just glad when shit gets leaked to the public…I’m also glad that we live in a world where you can take those sexted pics and spread them around the world and increase this virtually unknown celebrity pussy into a known pussy….I mean if they didn’t black it out…

Which brings up a real concern, why would a motherfucker trying to embarrass an ex black out the good parts….It’s not like he has a conscience if we’ve gone this far…I’m guessing it was pretty wrecked.. or maybe it was a dick…or maybe cuz she is 30, these pics look like they are 10 years old, and 2000 was not quite the year of the bikini wax…

I just know that when it comes to sexting, I’m only into the vaginas….so this sucks for me.

That said, let’s celebrated sexting, ex-girlfriends dumb enough to send us nudes, bitter boyfriends willing to share the goods and get their 5 minutes of fame, humiliating there kinda famous probably bitchy cunts by showing off their cunts…

Good times. Now someone get me the uncensored pics…

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  • opihiscooper

    if that’s Zooey Deschanel I’m the queeeeeen of france

  • Alien Autopsy

    I agree…definitely NOT Zooey. Wish it was…she’s fucking hot.

  • Crash Override


    I’d hit it though.

  • Craig

    ya thats NOT Zooey… Totally different face. Not even close.
    Maybe you want to do some research before posting????

  • Jac

    Yeah. Similar eyes maybe but the nose and mouth are totally wrong.

  • Dude

    That’s “M1STY” from myfreecams.

  • Al


  • Amber_Taylor

    You could have at least googled Zooey Deschanel before posting that this could “possibly” be her.
    This doesn’t even look remotely like her…

  • Thats her, her smile at the end clinched it for. Look closer morons and lets not forget this was 13 years ago. shes bound to have changed abit.

  • Brennan89lfcisanidiot

    I’ve seen this chick before and she is a webcam girl. NOT Zooey Deschanel. You’d have to be an idiot to mistake the 2

  • Fuckoff

    There is nothing more hilarious than a fuck wit who absolutely believes they are correct when they could not be more wrong, and criticizes people whilst promoting their misinformation. There’s also nothing more sad, and I’m talking about the frame of mind that your arrogant comment stems from not the trivial topic it is addressing.
    You need to take a fucking long hard look in the mirror mate

  • Fefefhuy

    youre an imbecile

  • This isn’t Zooey. This is sweet1e314. She is a doppelganger webcam whore. And they aren’t sexting pics, it was a live webcam stream. Whoever wrote this article is stupid enough not to do better investigative journalism that i just did in 5 seconds on google. FAIL.

  • steph

    Hey, these are actually photos of me and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind deleting this thread.

    Kindest regards,