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Rachel Bilson and Kate Bosworth Lookin’ Hot on Set of the Day

I generally hate celebrity pussy because I made my life about looking at their pictures all day in some self destructive, self abusive, self sabotaging way. Cuz really before this site, I knew nothing about celebrity, I didn’t care to know about celebrity, and I found the whole celebrity thing a waste of time and boring. I was much more into real life bitches I could get drunk and molest.

But for some reason, since Rachel Bilson ended her relationship with her handler in Canada. The creepy dude from Star Wars who snuffed out her work cuz he wasn’t getting work but locking her in a cage on his farm….I’m really diggin’ her.

Maybe it’s the memories of The OC, when I used to watch the shit to seduce college girls awkwardly back during season 1, or maybe it’s cuz I like the smell of pussy when it’s let free….ready to make up for lost time…unfortunately not with me…but I didn’t expect it to be with me…so I’m not let down…I’m more of a voyeur anyway….sex is just too physically challenging for my weight class.

Kate Bosworth is in the mix too cuz she’s in a tight dress, they are filming a movie together and I figured she was worthy of getting in on this Rachel Bilson stroking post…

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