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Kesha is Unfortunately in a Bikini of the Day

I refuse to replace the “s” in her name with a “$”. Mainly because I feel like an asshole when I do.

I don’t think Kesha got a record deal for her looks and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone ever say how hot she was and I sure as hell haven’t heard anyone say they’ve jerked off to her music videos and for most part most people don’t even know who the fuck she is.

I do think that Kesha is Katy Perry’s old friend she used to party with and I do think that Katy Perry told Kesha after the whole “Kissed a Girl” song something like “OMG, it’s so easy to make a hit song, you just have to dance around and sing something someone else wrote for you as a pawn to go up against Lady Gaga, you should totally do it too”….

Here is her horrible awkward shaped body that I just don’t understand in a bikini. It’s like her ass cheeks are being sucked in by a vacuum powered anus and her upper body is long, broad and primate like, like she’s shaved herself down to look like a girl, but still can’t help but want to steal your bananas cuz it’s instinctive.

She should be more the kind of girl who sits by the beach in a sweatsuit cuz she doesn’t want to get a burn and definitely not the kind of girl parading around like she’s not a fucking beastly looking creature.

Maybe she’s just menopausal.

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  • Naomi

    Holy, nastiest ass I’ve seen, EVER.

  • Travis

    What ass?