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Ke$ha’s Orgy Music Video of the Day

Katy Perry’s best friend…or as I like to call it…her jealous leech of a friend who she used to be all fucking gutter and lame at hipster parties before Katy Perry tits lured a relatively famous black recording artist who introduced her to all his friends….leading to her career…and by default her BFF Ke$ha’s career….cuz that’s just what horrible humans do for each other…they pollute the world with garbage….is sexing it up in her new video….wearing lingerie and trying to be erotic…doing anything she can for hits…views and to beat Katy Perry at her own game….which I doubt she will do..

Luckily post production….erased WHAT SHE ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE HALF NAKED

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Kesha Showing Some Ass for Vibe Magazine of the Day

I got in an argument with a gangster rapper yesterday because I told him that Hip Hop doesn’t exist, it is just the WWF of music, with scandals and drama that is all staged and directed by marketing execs because too much money is at stake….I tried to explain that it is all pop music and that it is about as hard as my limp dick everytime I try to throw rope at my wife who is both disusting to look at, disgusting to listen to, disgusting to smell, and disgusting to touch…disgusting on all 5 fucking senses…making boners a challenge even for the most seasoned and experienced pervert who only needs dampness and an irrelgular heartbeat to get off…..

I think the fact that Kesha is on the cover of Vibe, a Hip Hop bible…is further proof to my fucking point.

Here are the pics…

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Kesha Peeing in the Street Twitpic for Attention of the Day

Kesha…who goes by the name Ke$ha…but who should go by the name “Too Fat to Be Famous”….posted a faceless pic of her or really anyone peeing in public…

This cry for attention….which can just be added to the rest of Kesha’s cries for attention that are pretty much the only reason she has a bit of a career…I mean other than being best friends with Katy Perry, who pretty much said “OMG, Look how easy it is to sell records and make millions, I’ll bring you up with me, but not let you be as big as me, cuz I sucked more dick strategically to get here, while you were just sucking everyone’s dick to suck dick”…..

But being the bottom feeding cunt she is….always second rate….her peening in publics…has nothing on Jaime Pressly when she was peeing in public in 2009.

Here’s Kesha’s shit attempt….

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Kesha’s Friend Should Keep Her Shitty Square Ass in her Pants of the Day

I hate the bottom feeding latch on friends who try to protect the integrity of their orange faced, unattractive, uninteresting friend who is suddenly famous…..for no good reason other than being BFF with Katy Perry and working out a formula of dominating mainstream pop despite subpar looks…..

This is the bitch at the bar you call the fat manager….who doesn’t let you get close to her hot friend for whatever reason….it’s the “keep me around I got your back and take that roll too serious…but look how fun and entertaining I can be mooning the paprazzi despite having a shitty ass” girl who pretty much knows she can’t lose this hook up and will do all she can to keep it by doing stunts like this they can all laugh about….a valuable asset to any entourage….even though Kesha should be sucking the dick of every paparazzi to retain media attention….which I guess could be why this girl is out there doing that too…the dancing monkey of the group Kesha makes jump through hoops for her own entertainment…either way, whether being the overly involved protective cunt, or the dancing monkey…she’s still got a shitty ass and really that’s all that fucking matters…

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Ke$ha is a Pig in a Very Big Bikini ofthe Day

I hate Ke$ha and I hate that I just used a dollar sign for an S….It’s like I bought into her bullshit….

These pictures just don’t make any fucking sense to me…on any fucking level….I mean I have ignored Ke$ha’s existance for a long time…her songs come on the radio, I change the channel, her pictures come up on the paparazzi sites, I look the other way, people email me about her, I delete the emails…but there’s no ignoring this Tsunami hitting the beach …run to higher ground….wherever the fuck she is…

It’s like if you look like this, you don’t get half naked…I mean seriously, this doesn’t even make sense, I’m tyring to figure out this body type and I’m convinced these were doctored, cuz girls just don’t look this shape, I mean humans in general don’t look this shape, and I guess that would explain my theory of her being from another fucking planet….

Her story is simple, Katy Perry is her hipster friend, Katy Perry got famous real fast cuz she was fucking Gym Class Heroes, Katy Perry decided to bring her BFF up with her, cuz talent wasn’t needed, all that was needed was catchy bullshit garbage to brainwash children….and look at her now…spending all her undeserved money of cake…

Wow…this isn’t normal…even grandmothers look better in a bikini than this….

I am seriously thrown off by this…in a huge way…but not as huge as her bikini bottoms…

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Kesha’s Leaked Dirty Pics of the Day

These pictures were so jacked up on tags, I decided to join the tag party like some low level graff crew on the interent.

Kesha is disgusting, useless. ugly, vile, a waste of space, a stain on society, etc. She could be getting raped by a mule and I’d only watch to make sure it’s big dick ripped her half so I wouldn’t have to see her bullshit again. Seriously. She could be masturbating in the shower and I’d only watch hoping the toaster her mom left plugged in next to the bathtub fell in. She could be getting fucked unprotected and I’d only watch hoping it was with someone who had previously fucked a tranny in Brazil with a weird strain of AIDS that turns into ebola after contact so that bitch ends up shitting out her eyeballs and I know for sure that she won’t be back to ruin popculture….

So these leaked pics are boring at best, obvious and expected because bottom feeding like this is what you do when you’re a bottom feeder…

Speaking of bottom feeding here’s some dude feeding off her bottom…sucks to be him…sucks to be that horny…sucks he didn’t have better options..sucks he’s using this to promote some bullshit site…sucks the world knows you have smelled this girl’s twat…sucks that I’m lookin at this. Seriously sucks that I am looking at this…

More importantly, who has a TV like this? What ghetto plywood model room is this? Are you sure this isn’t

Not to mention, we all have sex, so who fucking cares. IS this an accomplishment? Really? Come on, I’ve been cumming on tits and eating pussy since 1985. People need to get laid to stop caring.

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Kesha is Fucking Disgusting of the Day

I like to pretend people like Kesha don’t exist…..she’s a fucking try-hard idiot. She’s trying hard at everything. From her shitty lyrics to her talentless hack skill set that doesn’t deserve the fame or money her BFF Katy Perry gave her, to her outfit and writing on herself that I am convinced she thought out every scribble because that’s just what try hards do….and apparently they also make facial expressions that make you think she’s trying hard to take a shit, which is so appropriate, because based on her album, her perfomance and her body, she pretty much is…right on that stage in front of her audience and pretty much wherever she take her disgusting self….

I am only posting this cuz she’s not wearing pants, even though she should be.

She is disgusting and she shouldn’t exist. Enjoy you fucking weirdos.

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Kesha is Unfortunately in a Bikini of the Day

I refuse to replace the “s” in her name with a “$”. Mainly because I feel like an asshole when I do.

I don’t think Kesha got a record deal for her looks and I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone ever say how hot she was and I sure as hell haven’t heard anyone say they’ve jerked off to her music videos and for most part most people don’t even know who the fuck she is.

I do think that Kesha is Katy Perry’s old friend she used to party with and I do think that Katy Perry told Kesha after the whole “Kissed a Girl” song something like “OMG, it’s so easy to make a hit song, you just have to dance around and sing something someone else wrote for you as a pawn to go up against Lady Gaga, you should totally do it too”….

Here is her horrible awkward shaped body that I just don’t understand in a bikini. It’s like her ass cheeks are being sucked in by a vacuum powered anus and her upper body is long, broad and primate like, like she’s shaved herself down to look like a girl, but still can’t help but want to steal your bananas cuz it’s instinctive.

She should be more the kind of girl who sits by the beach in a sweatsuit cuz she doesn’t want to get a burn and definitely not the kind of girl parading around like she’s not a fucking beastly looking creature.

Maybe she’s just menopausal.

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Kesha Wears Her Hipster Underwear On The Outside of her Pants of the Day

Kesha proves that if you are in LA, anything can fucking happen. She obviously met the right people, and by met I mean sucked, or maybe just being hipster friends Katy Perry with Katy Perry allowed her to ride some kind of wave into “hit” songs. It makes me laugh that so much garbage comes out of LA. They put so much money into virtual fucking shit, that they manage to spin out to the public and make tons of money cuz the public are generally fucking morons….and if they took a second would realize there is nothing talented, interesting, hot, or worth paying money to Kesha and I’m almost offended by the fact that she is famous, but I don’t really care enough to actually be….

Here she is filming a video with a pair of glittery panties on the outside of her outfit, cuz she’s so fuckin’ authentic, wild, interesting, an artist….

And I’m just posting it cuz she looks like a fucking fool and more people need to realize that so that next tour she is on, 3 people attend…

We have that power…let’s use it.

Yes…I just started my day with pictures of Kesha…I guess I am part of the problem….

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Ke$ha Covered in Cum of the Day

These are rumored to be Ke$ha covered in cum holding her tits like every girl you know who has had sex or let a dude cum on them, which is pretty much every girl I know, so there’s no big deal and no real proof that it is her because the majority of people don’t even know who she is, or care who she is and know that she is only famous cuz of behaving like this…even on stage…who fucking cares…she’s awkward and ugly and I prefer my cumshots on vagina….

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