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Kesha Peeing in the Street Twitpic for Attention of the Day

Kesha…who goes by the name Ke$ha…but who should go by the name “Too Fat to Be Famous”….posted a faceless pic of her or really anyone peeing in public…

This cry for attention….which can just be added to the rest of Kesha’s cries for attention that are pretty much the only reason she has a bit of a career…I mean other than being best friends with Katy Perry, who pretty much said “OMG, Look how easy it is to sell records and make millions, I’ll bring you up with me, but not let you be as big as me, cuz I sucked more dick strategically to get here, while you were just sucking everyone’s dick to suck dick”…..

But being the bottom feeding cunt she is….always second rate….her peening in publics…has nothing on Jaime Pressly when she was peeing in public in 2009.

Here’s Kesha’s shit attempt….

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  • Stfu

    omg omg omg look at me look at me!!!!!

    She cries for attention, and you gladly give it to her, all the while, calling her an attention whore.

    Attention whores go away if you ignore then, rather then give them the attention they are seeking in the first place.  Its not really a hard concept to grasp.

  • I am with you, to bad people like the train wrecks that is destroying TV

  • Fucking Animal