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Kesha’s Leaked Dirty Pics of the Day

These pictures were so jacked up on tags, I decided to join the tag party like some low level graff crew on the interent.

Kesha is disgusting, useless. ugly, vile, a waste of space, a stain on society, etc. She could be getting raped by a mule and I’d only watch to make sure it’s big dick ripped her half so I wouldn’t have to see her bullshit again. Seriously. She could be masturbating in the shower and I’d only watch hoping the toaster her mom left plugged in next to the bathtub fell in. She could be getting fucked unprotected and I’d only watch hoping it was with someone who had previously fucked a tranny in Brazil with a weird strain of AIDS that turns into ebola after contact so that bitch ends up shitting out her eyeballs and I know for sure that she won’t be back to ruin popculture….

So these leaked pics are boring at best, obvious and expected because bottom feeding like this is what you do when you’re a bottom feeder…

Speaking of bottom feeding here’s some dude feeding off her bottom…sucks to be him…sucks to be that horny…sucks he didn’t have better options..sucks he’s using this to promote some bullshit site…sucks the world knows you have smelled this girl’s twat…sucks that I’m lookin at this. Seriously sucks that I am looking at this…

More importantly, who has a TV like this? What ghetto plywood model room is this? Are you sure this isn’t

Not to mention, we all have sex, so who fucking cares. IS this an accomplishment? Really? Come on, I’ve been cumming on tits and eating pussy since 1985. People need to get laid to stop caring.

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  • Leo

    so why the FUCK cant u feel the same towards scum of the earth CHRISTINA AGUILERA

  • Expletive:bmp

    Goodness, how about releasing pictures of a dame getting properly sullied on her wedding night, and not these premarital whatsit. If you’re going to fuck celebrities, at least have the decency to fuck in a marital arrangement. Dogs fuck without marriage people, dogs fuck without wedding rings. Humans do it the civilized way. Except for you fucking who want equality to be married when you’re gay. That shit is creepy and unnatural because fags can’t have kids, they adopt them or get inseminated, so you don’t count. Though I’d allow civil unions because I’m a nice guy who don’t want to be seen as a homophobe; which I am 😛

  • loser

    pussy tastes like shit

  • Danny

    how embarrassing for that guy

  • jer

    she is a stupid attention whore just like lady gaga…time back she felt apperently of a roof…fucking bitch she is…we should play game to kille here

  • Deedee

    Who is she? Eeeewwwwwwww…..I need fake tittays, not these natural floppers.

    Good looking men…not stage crew.
    Good looking chicks with said fake tittays…not some rebellious teen looking jackass.

  • pt

    tht is sexy like kesha