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Rosie Hungtington-Whitely’s Outstanding Performance on Set of the Day

When you feel down on yourself, I’ve found that watching Rosie Huntington-Whitely acting can really lift your spirits. It’s will make you ask yourself whether this is a joke, or if it is for real, because if it is real that maybe the real joke is our fucking existance…

When you realize that it is real, and this is an actual performance, you’ll start working out the math on their 5,000,000 dollar paychecks for 50 days of filming this smut and realize they got paid over 100,000 to do this, it almost feels like when I worked at this institution for retards and they’d congratulate and cheer the waterheads when they used the bathroom on their own…I’m talking real fucking cheering, like they just performed some intricately genius piano rendition of some classical piece they heard once, when in reality they were getting the praise cuz they didn’t piss themselves….The world is a fucked up place and the fact that this exists, and that so much money gets pumped into this garbage is almost disgusting….there’s wars, poverty, kids going to school without food, sex workers dying of AIDS, people unable to afford life saving operations, cancer, and a whole lot of other shit that money would be better spent on, but instead these clowns can afford to never work again in their lives….Fucking hilarious. If you know what I mean.

On a sidenote the only good thing about this chick is that she made Megan Fox realize she’s replaceable and that kind of emotional damage and feelings of rejection can be a real game-changer and lead to some serious stepping the fuck up by finally doing nude scenes to show us just how much of an servant to her craft she is….you know the irreplaceable kind that become legends for more than just being something we want to fuck.

Only Time will tell.

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  • Travis

    Ugh, you can see Shia Labeouf’s bulge.

    Any bulge but his…