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Rosie Hungtington Whitely’s Racy Lingerie of the Day

I never know how to write this White Bitch’s name, but I know she’s white, old, a mom and still hot…not that these are recent pics of her, I can’t be too sure of anything anymore…I just know that she’s been getting naked for a long fucking time and when it comes to modeling, that’s what matters.

I also know she dates rich action stars who are bald…that bald guys appreciate and love because he’s bald…thinking she’s a bald fetishists and not into fame and money…but we’ll let the bald dudes have that, they have it bad enough as it is…and anything to give them hope is a good thing.

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Rosie Hungtington Whitely on All Fours of the Day


Rosie Hungtington Whitely has been a model for so fucking long. She’s also dabbled in movies like Mad Max and Transformers where she probably just played the hot chick and I’ve always been into her.

She was topless in shoots before being topless in shoots was what everyone did. She dated bald rich guys openly because he was famous making her gold digging seem more authentic. She had this cunty british snob look on her face, like you know she’d just give you a dirty look if you tried to stick your dick in her…and she replaced Megan Fox in a movie, letting Megan Fox know she’s worthless, talentless, nobody that even a model with know talent or acting experience can replace…

But most importantly, after all her fame and success, money and boyfriend’s money, she gets on all fours in a picture like a fucking porn chick and that is hilarious.

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Rosie Hungtington Whitely Working it For the Paparazzi of the DAy

Rosie Hungtington Whitely is some pretty substantial pussy. Those legs are legs I wouldn’t mind climbing up to crawl into her womb and die a happy and fulfilled man…because when you enter a pussy like this, like so many dudes before me, you’ve officially made it, but only because she’s an ego, you know a cunt who thinks she’s important and she doesn’t fuck with regulars, she’s only into top tier dudes, in terms of money and success, and I guess why wouldn’t she be….ferraris are nicer than bus passes yo…sure you can hate her for being a girl, because girls always wrong you and you feel they have come too far and need to be controlled by men and sent back to the kitchen, but you can’t hate her for being a hot girl…that would be gay…and you aren’t gay are you? If you are, how do you feel about cum farts…they’re gross right?

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Rosie Hungtington Whitely Boring for Vogue Brazil of the Day

Rosie Hungtington Whitely likes bald guys -if they are millionaire action stars.

She is also in Vogue Brazil.

And she’s not showing her tits, despite normally being topless, making me wonder what the fuck is going on here.

You can’t take a titty model who pretends to be a fashion model and turn her into a clothed model, it’s agains god’s way.


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Rosie Hungtington-Whitely Pantsless for Elle Video of the Day

I’ve posted these pics before….but I’ll post them again…cuz I’m crazy like that and like excuses to post videos of bald friendly models turned actors….not that what she does is really acting…but more lookin’ good half naked on camera….on camera for magazine photoshoot behind the scenes videos….not that they are all that erotic considering this is the internet and you could be spedng your time better on porn…….anal porn….fetish porn….any porn but fashion porn

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Rosie Hungtington-Whitely is Overrated at the Tranny Premiere of the Day

This Transformers shit is so overrated….They penetrate the media like it was a cheap hooker in a mining town. Seriously. Stupid story after stupid story about stupidness that happened on set…or drama that happened with Megan Fox and LeBoeuf having sex…or anything to get people talking cuz they know they are sitting on the biggest fucking piece of shit to ever hit theaters….they’re just hoping to break even…and really whether this bitch was Megan Fox or not, they’re all fucking whores to me…and really Rosie Huntington was better off a model, cuz at least she got fucking naked for the cause, instead of this D-List thinking she’s an A-List garbage that’s going on here… Fuck em all and their bullshit…ideally with my tongue.

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Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Workout Gear of the Day

Here is Megan Fox’s replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, leaving the gym, reminding us just how fucking boring she is. Seriously, she has been around for a while and the most excitement we’ve got from her is This Topless Pic, unless of course you’re bald, in which case you love her, cuz she doesn’t mind if the dude she’s fucking has a full set of her, at least not if he’s The Transporter….

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Rosie Hungtington-Whitely’s Outstanding Performance on Set of the Day

When you feel down on yourself, I’ve found that watching Rosie Huntington-Whitely acting can really lift your spirits. It’s will make you ask yourself whether this is a joke, or if it is for real, because if it is real that maybe the real joke is our fucking existance…

When you realize that it is real, and this is an actual performance, you’ll start working out the math on their 5,000,000 dollar paychecks for 50 days of filming this smut and realize they got paid over 100,000 to do this, it almost feels like when I worked at this institution for retards and they’d congratulate and cheer the waterheads when they used the bathroom on their own…I’m talking real fucking cheering, like they just performed some intricately genius piano rendition of some classical piece they heard once, when in reality they were getting the praise cuz they didn’t piss themselves….The world is a fucked up place and the fact that this exists, and that so much money gets pumped into this garbage is almost disgusting….there’s wars, poverty, kids going to school without food, sex workers dying of AIDS, people unable to afford life saving operations, cancer, and a whole lot of other shit that money would be better spent on, but instead these clowns can afford to never work again in their lives….Fucking hilarious. If you know what I mean.

On a sidenote the only good thing about this chick is that she made Megan Fox realize she’s replaceable and that kind of emotional damage and feelings of rejection can be a real game-changer and lead to some serious stepping the fuck up by finally doing nude scenes to show us just how much of an servant to her craft she is….you know the irreplaceable kind that become legends for more than just being something we want to fuck.

Only Time will tell.

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