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Rosie Hungtington Whitely on All Fours of the Day


Rosie Hungtington Whitely has been a model for so fucking long. She’s also dabbled in movies like Mad Max and Transformers where she probably just played the hot chick and I’ve always been into her.

She was topless in shoots before being topless in shoots was what everyone did. She dated bald rich guys openly because he was famous making her gold digging seem more authentic. She had this cunty british snob look on her face, like you know she’d just give you a dirty look if you tried to stick your dick in her…and she replaced Megan Fox in a movie, letting Megan Fox know she’s worthless, talentless, nobody that even a model with know talent or acting experience can replace…

But most importantly, after all her fame and success, money and boyfriend’s money, she gets on all fours in a picture like a fucking porn chick and that is hilarious.

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