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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Looking Hot for Fashion of the Day

We are 30 minutes out from the start of the eclipse, which may be opening up the floodgates from hell and leading to the rapture. I am sure there are hippie freaks who are taking this eclipse very seriously and flew down to Mexico to do some half naked ritualistic dance on some psychedelic, because they are rich and need something to do to add purpose to their meaningless lives….but I’m more in the school of thought that I am surprised I even know it’s happening because I am so detached from all these annoying internet trends…in previous eclipses, I’ve only realized while they happened that they were happening…

Anyway, 30 minutes out and I’m here celebrating Rosie Huntington-Whitely, in the event that it is total chaos and this is my last message sent out to the world though a site no one reads…

It wasn’t strategically planned that it would be Rosie Huntington-Whitely, but it just sort of landed this way and I’m actually happy it is because over the entirety of her career and this site, I’ve been nothing but hyped on her.

Out of all the celebs I’ve hated on, made fun of, called old and fat and useless, this one has always been on of my favorites who I can’t speak badly about…

I used to try to use her as a beacon of hope for the bald guys out there because Jason Statham landed her, but when you look into Statham or watch his movies, you realize he’s an exceptional human and your bald ass will remain alone…

I’ve always thought her posh, luxurious and very high society British demeanor complemented her hot tits being exposed for fahsion and I’ve liked that she’d be the kind of girl who wouldn’t acknowledge my presence if I happened to be stuck in a room with her, she’d just pretend to not hear me or not be bothered with me and that’s the kind of snobbery I like…the real kind, not this fake instagram chick thinking she’s important or fancy…but an actual bitch who is fancy and knows she’s from another class of humans who doesn’t interact with peasants like us.

Well, she was paid by fashion brand Dolce and Gabbana to attend an event, her dress was see through, and she’s pretty wonderful….the kind of thing I’d want to be stuck in a bomb shelter with during this DOOMSDAY style event, that won’t end up being a DOOMSDAY event because we’re not that lucky, but Stathem is…I mean holy shit, she’s like 40 now and still a master of our penies…

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Rosie Huntington-Whitely Sheer Outfit of the Day

I may not be a bald guy with a dream, one that involves me getting the hot bodied model chick because I’ve managed to workout enough to become an action star in Hollywood who makes stupid money as an action star, far more than enough to support having a model as a bride…

There was a time when bald dudes were hyped on this seemingly uptight British snobby model because she dated a bald guy, who she is still with and has kids with.

The nerdy balding 25 year old who visited this site between coding or gaming, literally felt that if probably executed a hot chick would be into them….so she brought hope to an otherwise hopeless crowd….

However, I did still think she seemed high end, expensive, fancy, cunty, uptight, classy, the kind of girl who wouldn’t give you the time of day because she was too important for that….the kind of girl who would fuck you on her back while reading the paper because she’s too hot to throw any real effort into it, seeing as she’s doing you a favor…all while getting naked consistently for her job…you know the type….

Well, even in her old age, she’s delivering a hot outfit, some mesh fetish lingerie and some visible sheer panties that cover-up that mom cunt, her tits still brilliant, she’s still a fucking winner to me!

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Rosie Hungtington Whitely’s Racy Lingerie of the Day

I never know how to write this White Bitch’s name, but I know she’s white, old, a mom and still hot…not that these are recent pics of her, I can’t be too sure of anything anymore…I just know that she’s been getting naked for a long fucking time and when it comes to modeling, that’s what matters.

I also know she dates rich action stars who are bald…that bald guys appreciate and love because he’s bald…thinking she’s a bald fetishists and not into fame and money…but we’ll let the bald dudes have that, they have it bad enough as it is…and anything to give them hope is a good thing.

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Rosie Huntinton-Whitley Leather Pants on TV of the Day

You know what…Rosie Huntington Whitley…is pretty fucking ok in my books….and I am not even a bald guy using her as hope that if I was muscular and rich….she’d give me the time of day…I am basing it strictly on the fact that she is a hot fucking model…who with little acting experience proved how obsolete Megan Fox is…and she did it lookin better than Megan Fox ever did….but more importantly she models nude…making her a fucking keeper…at least until she hits 35….

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