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Rosie Hungtington Whitely’s Racy Lingerie of the Day

I never know how to write this White Bitch’s name, but I know she’s white, old, a mom and still hot…not that these are recent pics of her, I can’t be too sure of anything anymore…I just know that she’s been getting naked for a long fucking time and when it comes to modeling, that’s what matters.

I also know she dates rich action stars who are bald…that bald guys appreciate and love because he’s bald…thinking she’s a bald fetishists and not into fame and money…but we’ll let the bald dudes have that, they have it bad enough as it is…and anything to give them hope is a good thing.

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Rosie Huntinton-Whitley Leather Pants on TV of the Day

You know what…Rosie Huntington Whitley…is pretty fucking ok in my books….and I am not even a bald guy using her as hope that if I was muscular and rich….she’d give me the time of day…I am basing it strictly on the fact that she is a hot fucking model…who with little acting experience proved how obsolete Megan Fox is…and she did it lookin better than Megan Fox ever did….but more importantly she models nude…making her a fucking keeper…at least until she hits 35….

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