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Shakira’s Ass in a Tight Dress of the Day

People like Shakira. Her videos get a lot of views. It’s cuz she milks her South American roots and dances erotic and shakes her immigrant ass like she’s not pushing 40…cuz guys base how a girl fucks on the way she moves….so guys can watch her in motion and think how good that would feel on their dicks…and girls want to learn her moves so when they are in clubs guys will look at them and think the same thing about them…cuz no girl wants to be a bad dancer cuz everyone knows that theory on fucking like you dance…that I am not sure if it is true or not cuz I have a bad memory, but kinda remember banging a professionally trained dancer and thinking how great it was, but then again, she was into licking my ass and taking facials after I fucked her ass, while she went off about how she was a dirty little girl who daddy needs to spank and about how bad she needed to be sucking on a pussy while cumming on my dick….so I’m not quite sure it had anything to do with dance, but all to do with willingness to be dirty…

Here’s Shakira.

Bonus – Beth Ditto was there to make the Event extra sexy in what looks like it could be a see through, too small for her, yet big enough to cover your car in the winter, dress….if you think really fat pig lesbians who wear revealing clothes is sexy…cuz you have an overreating fetish…or because you know fat pussy is the only pussy you can get….

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  • Em

    You’re an asshole. Talking shit about a girl’s weight and sexual preferences is so intelligent…. I bet you’re just so angry because you can’t get any pussy (unless you pay for it).
    This girl may not be the hottest but she has something that you will never have: personality and talent.

  • Dude

    She is disgusting…..and then has the audacity to wear see through ? Looks like Freakin Jelly Rolls.

  • Shakira siempre me ha encantado el cuerpo que tiene ¡y como mueve ese culo! En Barcelona estuvo genial 🙂


  • who?

    Em…get a sense of humor, he is just taking the piss and yes he quite often talks about the pussy (or lack of) that he gets.

  • joanne wilson

    im a whore that loves all ass an i want to lick hers….. cum lick my ass hole!