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Mandy Moore for Old Times of the Day

Do you remember when everyone was Mandy Moore Obsessed. You know when she was under 18 and everyone thought she was the fucking future. People would write about her, guys would masturbate to her…then she turned 18 and Wilmer Valderama christened her into adulthood with his spanish seduction skills and love for young pussy, then a series of dudes like Andy Roddick would play tennis on her pussy and DJ AM would scratch records on her pussy as she faded into obscurity cuz she was boring….She just couldn’t keep her audience sucked in cuz she just wasn’t a big enough attention seeking slut….but unlike DJ AM, she’s still alive and I am posting these recent pics of her for old times and for the virgin loser dudes who have a hard time moving on from celebrity crushes cuz virgin loser dudes are generaly pretty OCD….

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  • Al

    She got old!