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Rihanna Performing in Grandpa’s Underwear of the Day

The nice thing about yellow trimmed panties is that no one knows if you’ve pissed yourself. I’ve spent many years observing underwear hanging out to dry in my neighborhood, and by hanging to dry in my neighborhood, I mean stolen from the local laundromat and brought home to myself to play “bad panties, and for some reason the ones with a hint of yellow in them, are up there with the black ones that are the least offensive, cuz if you jerk off to dirty panties, you’ll know there’s not much more of a turn off than a shit, piss or period stain….we do it for the smells people…not the reality that shit is smeared with shit…if you know what I mean…

Speaking of being smeared with shit, here are some pics of Rihanna Performing, not cuz she’s a shade of brown, but because she fuckin’ stinks….I’m done with her, she bores me, even in her stupid revealing costumes, and I love revelaing costumes, and her slutty lyrics and I love slutty lyrics, and even when she’s showing her hooker cooch like she was Miley….I say send her back to the island she came from.

Here’s the performance video – it’s life changing – and by life changing I mean like every single other performance she’s done.

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  • you skank

    Again I say she didnt take enough blows too the head.. Chris Brown should have worn brass knuckles then maybe she’d have enough sense to know black girls look ridiculous with dyed hair

  • Bob Smith

    What is up with that hair? I wouldn’t claim she’s a clown; that would imply that she’s funny or entertaining. Its almost like she was hit too hard in the head…. oh…. wait….

  • She looks silly…and trying way too hard for attention. Another wanna-be Lady Gaga!