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Natalie Portman’s Ass in a Thong in Your Highness Trailer of the Day

I know all the virgin loser sci fi club people love Natalie Portman, mainly because I used to hang out with a dude I worked with who collected pretty much everything including Star Wars toys obsessively, and he would always talk about the bitch….and her perfection…he was Jewish and maybe he was just happy that she was too…and that she didn’t look like his Aunt Herschel or some shit….but I never really saw her appeal….while this guy was sitting their awkwardly coverin his Aspergers boner during one of her movies he made me watch…I could see a love I never felt for a girl he never met come over him…it was fucking weird….and all these years later…virgin losers everywhere are still hung up on this bitch…so her ass in a thong is probably a huge deal to them….

I’m pretty much down for any pussy equally and I never get excited about anything, I just think the funniest thing about Natalie Portman is her last name isn’t actually Portman but is Hershlag which is approproate cuz it is the sound all the asthmatics who love her make when they cum to her picture the have framed next to their bed, just a disgusting fucking sound….

Scroll to the 1:28 Mark to see her ass in the Your Highness Red Band Bullshit….

Here is a video of a dude – who probably really likes this Natalie Portman clip alot – but unfortunately for him It’s not Harry Potter

Here are the screencaps…

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  • Hershlag

    “…awkwardly coverin his Aspergers boner….”

    “…Hershlag is the sound all the asthmatics who love her make when they cum to her picture…”

    That’s the good stuff right there!

  • roscoe

    way overrated and not in the least sexy

  • terryo

    Cheeks that I could get my tongue between!

  • Leroy

    roscoe Says:

    November 17th, 2010 at 4:59 pm
    way overrated and not in the least sexy


    Roscoe is a flaming Homo!

  • Jenkins

    Body Double.


  • Biggest Natalie Portman fan ever!’

    If Natalie Portman spread her butt cheeks and showed the world her gaping oiled and plucked asshole redtube.com would still be a thousand better and I say that with love because I’m her biggest fan… (I, too, was born in Jerusalem and my last name, oddly enough, is also Hershlag)

  • pantsonfire

    Way to put dat Ivy League edumacation to werk fer ya, Nat! Overrated fanboy fap fodder, is what she is. But I’d rip her right in her flat cheeked pooder, that’s for sure.

  • pantsonfire

    Way to put dat Ivy League edumacation to werk fer ya, Nat! She’s fanboy fap fodder, that’s for sure, but I’d rip her in right in her flat cheeked pooder.

  • Expletive:BMP

    Not dropping cookies I see, fuck, I hate having to type my name repeatedly. Inasmuch as I hate to admit that Natalie Portman is bland. I love Natalie, always will, rubbed out a few to her when she was in the professional, but seriously, she’s average. I like the bit about her loving Japan; I love Japan too, can’t afford to go there, but I love Japan—you’re still average though. I rubbed out a few to your piece where you were naked, still average though. Bugged me when they lost your pics of you showing your crotch—fucking pussies—but you’re still average. I love the fact that you’re so into your Jewish heritage; you were God’s special property till Christ got killed, now everyone’s special, so…..