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Lindsey Vonn Does the Sharon Stone of the Day

I live in Canada. I have lived in ski country Canada. I am pretty much an expert on skiing pussy and that is that the best kind of skiing pussy is the kind who is there on a ski trip, whether with family, friends, or school. The kind of girl who thinks it would be fun and ends up on the bunny hill all day, before spending the night in the ski bar getting wasted, soaking in hot tubs and all that other good stuff.

The professional skiing bitches are the worst kind of ski pussy. I’m not talking about weekend instructors who are there to party and fuck, but the racing chicks, you see in the tight outfits training, with goggle tans and legs the size of tree trunks, tits as beefed up as a male body builder, full thickness that allows them to hit their ridiculous speeds. They are never hot or dainty and are really just like dude.

So when I saw Olympic Lindsey Vonn doing the Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, I couldn’t get into it, cuz I know when she uncrosses her legs, her rugged ski pussy is something I don’t ever want to see. I saw Ladybug, I know how these things work….

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  • Matt

    She’s too chunky to pull off Sharon Stone, not to mention she comes across about as sexy as a root canal. She’s not very bright either, Basic Instinct was made in the 90s, not the 80s. maybe she’s too busy skiing to know what Google is.

  • Victoria’s Jealous Roommate

    ^^^^yeah, I agree…. She’s a dumbo, she says “the 80s hair”…. It’s a fucking ponytail, it’s a timeless hairstyle, please

  • Bobby

    Don’t be such h8ers guys; i’d still do her–she’s pretty hot!

  • Don’t be such h8ers guys; i’d still do her–she’s pretty hot!

    Yeah . And she’d finish your little guerkin in one bite .

  • Fuckstick

    I’d throatfuck this lil ski bunny fuck pig till she retched and I’d ream her puckered lil rosebud inside out , like a big ole corned beef gaper . I’d ejaculate my salty jizz on her stupid medal that nobody cares about . Hey cuntface , lets talk about something important ; LESS SKI , MORE GAPING ANUS