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Jessica Lowndes Thick Hips in a Bikini of the Day

I had no idea Jessica Lowndes looked like this, mainly because I had no idea who Jessica Lowndes is, sure I’ve heard her name and I know she’s on 90210 the Next Generation, but I refuse to further investigate anything that bullshit lack of creativity or vision show that was put together in 4 minutes has to offer, except maybe when the stars of the shit are sitting next to me in restaurants, or when they are in bikinis…

So I had no idea how thick this Jessica Lowndes bitch was, those hips don’t fucking lie, but at least she’s got the right idea – covering herself up with a towel, doing us all a favor, cuz we have sloppy bitches of our own to pollute our minds everytime we see them naked…we don’t need some overpaid bitch doin’ it for us.

I am just amazed that this is happening to her so early on in her career, I mean it took Jessica Simpson at least a decade before her cake eating got the best of her….

Maybe she’s just pregnant.

Either way, it’s not as good as it could be, but I’m sure you’ll still like it. That whole small tits, thick hips thing really talks to you, cuz anything with a vagina does….just not in real life…cuz all vagina knows your a creep.

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  • Well_Frog

    I’m pretty sure that’s not Jessica Lowndes. Hell, that looks more like Octomom than anyone on 90210.

  • yawn

    ya that isnt her.. looking a bit hispanic here.

  • Damn, this site is slow. Every site that put up this picture, has taken it down.

    Are you floppy cocks blind? This looks absolutely nothing like Lowndes. She’s hot, this chick has the face of a chick who just witnessed an STD alien crab crawl out of her vagina.

  • Gooshie

    That’s not her, she has a belly button piercing.