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Juliette Lewis Crackhead Bikini Pics of the Day

Here are some pictures of Juliette Lewis proving that hard drug use usually results in a pretty skinny and toned body and shit is a lot more fun than going the gym or trying stupid trendy diets like the master cleanse. You never see a fat crackwhore, at least I haven’t when wandering the streets looking for something to try to impregnate on the cheaps even though I know their weak, dying on the inside uteruses can’t sustain our child, that’s probably what makes it so fun, like playing some kind of real life videogame with my dick…

The unfortunate thing in all this is that I can’t help but want to contribute to her ass tattoo with my jizz.

Seriously, I never thought the day I try jerking off to Juliette Lewis and her dirty lookin’ almost 40 would come, but more importantly, I never thought I’d share that low point with anyone, it’s one of those secret people you masturbate and don’t talk about, like when you do it to your sister when she’s changing…If you know what I mean…

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  • you skank

    I just threw up

  • beavis

    She’s a scientologist, so she’s had more master cleanses than I’ve had hot dinners. Still dirty.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I woudl fill that crazy ass with so much jiz it woudl leak out of her ears. I like her particular brand of crazy.

  • ThisSiteSux

    All celebrities can’t look perfect, I’m pretty sure your ass is uglier than hers anyday along with your face.

  • Melvin

    Juliette Lewis is scientology’s Bukkake girl
    She looks enouge like a man for Cruise, Travolta and the other ‘mos to get aroused
    That’s why she always looks like she’s covered in a glaze
    And looks like she’d smell real bad

  • danny

    The word “skank” was invented just for her. My guess is meth, not crack.

  • Taz

    What HLW said

  • Mike

    I’d hit it. You know you would too.

  • Horny

    Her ass looks GREAT – I bet she’s a GREAT LAY

  • cowbulls

    I wouldn’t trust the rubber enough to enjoy myself so why bother?