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Olivia Munn Photoshopped for a Magazine Cover of the Day

Here’s fake famous Olivia Munn. I hate her and everything she stands for. I find her a scamming cunt who is way too overrated and who doesn’t deserve to be on the cover of any magazine no matter how low quality it is. She just found a market of idiots who think she’s hotter than she is cuz she talks their virgin loser talk and because of them we’ve got this….and it’s because of them that I’m posting this…cuz let’s face it, all take all the traffic I can get, and if ever a half dozen virgin losers obsessed with this twat stick around hoping for more or even to bitch me out about how wrong I am about her, I’ll be doing 6 times better than I am with you…

I heard a funny Olivia Munn story about a virgin loser blogger who got invited to her G4TV show as a guest. He asked her on a date thinking she was all into his kind, like some ballsy fucking socially awkward dude with a crush would do, cuz his ego was inflated and he finally felt cool for being invited somewhere, and bitch gave him a signed autograph for him to jerk off to instead….cuz she doesn’t actually care about virgin loser nerds, she just uses them for her personal gain…

The moral of the story is, don’t think you’re cool cuz you have a website and don’t ask out bitches who think they are cool cuz they are on TV and many men with low standards jerk off to her.

Here she is on the cover of Men’s Health…it takes everything in me to post this nonsense.

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  • Leo

    Sorry dude, but she’s fuckin hot.

  • steve

    i don’t like her either, but is that blogger you?

  • I dont get it either, the motherfuckers that worship her never see a bitch under 300 pounds so this bitch is like a unicorn to those loser fucks

  • again your gay

    You guy’s are super gay. This girl is fine. She is hot as hell. That body is great, even if you don’t like her show that body is still prime.

  • Soar loser

    I met her off the set at g4, she was pretty kind, but I could see her having a bitchy side. You must have been that loser blogger, huh?