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Nicky Hilton in a Bikini of the Day

As much as I hate Paris Hilton for being useless fucking scum of the earth who had the opportunity to do anything in life, but instead chose to try to be famous and in the media for nothing, and as cheesy and obvious as I find her….I think Nicky Hilton is way worse.

She is this weird, boring, latch on who attends all the events, who has a shitty body, and a face I just want to punch and not in a sexual way, becuase there’s just no substance to her….not that Paris has substance, other than a few substances used to manage her herpes, but at least there’s a personality and not just some sour faced cunt who is making me fucking sleepy.

Either way, she was in a bikini and luckily, she was covering up…

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    I have met her in real life a couple of time, she is just as boring and rude as you would expect. Her sister is nicer, but always high so of course she is nice.

  • HollywoodCuntbag

    I also met her in real life- more than 20x. She’s a boring cunt. She has no substance or thoughts of her own. Paris is WAY nicer and actually isn’t a pain in the ass to be around. I always thought it was funny to hear people who haven’t met them both say things about how Nicky seemed nicer and down to earth. Bitch please, she’s a good for nothing BORING bitch who treats everyone like shit. She’s also dumber than a bag of used condoms.

  • lele

    I have met her 100 times. In fact I am Nicky, no…I gave birth to Nicky. I invented Nicky.

    Geez you two…