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Eva Mendes Booty in a Dress of the Day

I am guessing Eva Mendes is in a new movie because she’s all over the motherfucking place. I am guessing she is going to be naked in the movie cuz if the studio wanted a non nude spic pussy to be in the movie, they probably would have booked America Ferrara or some shit. They know Eva Mendes is the girl to go to who gets naked, like sex scenes, cuz she’s just happy to not be working at Wal Mart like so many of her relatives before they got on her payroll. I am guessing she isn’t as motivated to get naked when there aren’t big paychecks associated with the stripdown…cuz her pics aren’t quite as slutty as what you’d expect them to be….she’s a whore like that.

Here are some more of her in a tight dress…she’s all over the motherfucker….still not naked enough but I guess good enough cuz I’m wasting my time posting this garbage.

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  • Tez

    This is just pointlessly offensive. Gratuitous use of ethnic slurs—is that supposed to be funny? You don’t even succeed at making her look bad. You just make yourself look like an ugly, jealous little troll, which you obviously are.

  • Salimbalam

    Always thought of Eva as an ugly version of Cindy Crawford. Not a compliment.