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Shakira in Concert in Tight Pants of the Day

I find Shakira boring as fuck. I know her videos get everyone going nuts. But this isn’t video and her irritating immigrant voice and the horrible sounds she makes reminds me of bad sex with weird hippie bitches channeling some hindu god they feel they are connecting with cuz a dude is digging past their bush and obesity and playing with their cunt that never gets played with.

You know those wack jobs who moan like a donkey being impregnated with a pig while bored on the farm, just serious painful to listen to, but you erection is a magical tool that can block out background sounds…..

Here is her older ass in concert.

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  • Bob Smith

    I have to agree here.

    If she wasn’t attractive, she’d be working illegally at the local 7-11.

  • ur a bitch

    ur a bitch. i disagree and find ur comments a bit idiotic … “immigrant voice” .. what the fuck does that mean.

  • ur a bitch

    ur still a bitch

  • sarah

    i agree i find shakira boring nowadays but what the hell “immigrant voice”?
    thats not needed

  • Lillian

    Where do I begin? To the woman hating person whom wrote this post…it would bring me great satisfaction to kick you in the crotch. Then again it would be painless since you are missing a pair. Go back to school. Seriously! The world extends much further than Hickville, USA

  • WheresTheButt

    That ass disappoints. Too flat. I prefer something that resembles a mini-basketball.

  • you’re an absolute asshole

    I said, you’re an absolute asshole

  • nah

    She’s cute, but I hate it when she does that weird goat thing with her voice. She’ll be singing all normal, then all of a sudden, HURRRRUUHHHHHBLARGLELAAAAAAAAAAA. Wtf. I know she can hear herself sing. Does she really think that sounds good?

    Shakira. You can sing when you want do. Stop doing the goat thing.