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Natalie Portman Boring Stripping in Video of the Day

The only thing I really like about Natalie Portman is that her name is actually Natalie Herschlag.

I never found her all that hot. If anything I thought she was overrated and boring. I mean what celeb quits for four years to get a college education like some kind of normal person when they should be flashing cunt to the paparazzi…..

I just assumed all the boring nerdy Star Wars kids made up her fanbase and got her work. Then I realized Jewish guys were also in on it, cuz they were happy to see a hot Jewish girl they could imagine themselves getting married to without causing issues about converting with their mothers. But it turns out that non-Jews and non-nerds want to fuck her too….it’s got something to do with her having a vagina….

And here is a video of her stripping of New York Times Magazine…since I love strippers….it kinda works for me..and when I say kinda, I mean not at all….if there’s no spread pussy then it’s not fucking stripping…but who cares what I think….


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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She takes her clothes off like a football player.

  • expletivebmp

    what am I watching here? is she palatial or statistical? and do i give a shit? nah, i don’t give a shit, next.

  • ricanpecan

    Dominican guys are also really into her.