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Pam Anderson’s Playboy Cover of the Day

No this isn’t a blast from the past, it is Pam Anderson holding onto the past, because the only thing that ever really did anything for her was her Playboy job, since then, it’s been all down hill, especially now. From Dancing with the Stars to being cast on some India Big Brother, she’s desperate, so seeing her photoshopped to shit like she’s not 50 years old with hepatitis is funny…but I don’t have the nude pics…Playboy is holding out on me because I guess they know everyone is gonna point and laugh when it hits on Friday, making this their biggest issue in a long time…but here are some cropped pics to give you a preview of what to expect….

The biggest joke in all this is that she wrote a poem to go with her bottom feeding. I didn’t read it, but I will post it…

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