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Taryn Manning is Beautiful of the Day

They say a picture says 1000 words, so why the fuck do you need me here running my mouth off via my magical typing fingers…There is just so much amazing about these pictures…So many interesting fantasies it taps into that you can figure out for yourself you lazy fuck….

Taryn Manning is my facebook friend and I don’t want anything to get between us….especially jokes about using her to inspire fucking homelessness, fucking drug addiction, fucking recovering prostitutes, fucking hasbeens or fucking the monster under your bed you were scared of as a kid who decided to PG-13 that fear cuz that would just work against my master plan of seducing her cuz it’s safe to say that despite these beautiful pictures and how gutter they look and probably smell while live, she’s an upgrade from where I’m at right now…she is the beacon of hope of a better tomorrow…if I play things right…If you know what I mean….

I guess what it comes down to is that no one cares about Taryn Manning but me…and maybe her drug dealer….but he doesn’t count.

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  • Brandon

    I care about her.