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Megan Fox is Skinny in a Bikini of the Day

Here are some skinny Megan Fox in a bikini pictures to start my day. I saw them yesterday but couldn’t bring myself to post them, because that is just the kind of blogger I am. I don’t care enough to bother, but in my defense I was very very very fucking hung over, like practically dying hungover cuz that’s just what I do to myself…

That said she looks awesome, tight bodied and amazing and that’s really all I look for in a girl trying to work her way back into our hearts after realizing she isn’t shit and she doesn’t fucking matter and that she can easily be replaced.

This is good effort from a cunt who thinks she is hotter than she is, and luckily I have a soft spot for skinny girls with shitty tattoos. It reminds me of fucking homeless teens I meet at bus stops or what I like to call….Heaven.

Either way, I think I can see a bit of David from 90201’s pussy lip trying to get attention and I’m down. Keep up the bottom feeding you useless cunt.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Look at those fucking thumbs! Holy shit, they are like canoe paddles!

  • roy

    Great bod, hideous tattoos.

  • the dominator

    i have never understood why this broad is considered hot. scrawny, weak-looking bod covered in a trashy mess of tattoos. blech!