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Kim Kardashian’s Mouth Full of Foam cuz She is a Pig of the Day

This isn’t really news, but luckily I don’t do really do news here. I pretty much focus my attention on the attention whores begging for it, and when I saw these pictures of 30 year old Kim Kardashian doing a keg stand with her mother like some kind of college girl who wasn’t too old, too fat and too washed up, I was forced to play out memories I have of her getting pissed on by black dudes in sex tapes…..not that I ever saw those scenes in the sex tape, but I know what a toilet for the colored folks at the back of the bus looks like when I see one, and this is prett much it…

I’ve got an issue with girls who drink beer to begin with. From my 20s onwards, unless bitch was drinking a Corona by the beach, I was disgusted by her, there’s just something sloppy about a girl drunk on beer, and that’s usually her gut she’s got hanging over her pants, not to mention her doppy face, her sea legs and the look of wanting to be loved in her eye, cuz I guess beer drunk, is different that cocaine and vodka redbull drunk, that should be kept for backpacking pub girls from the trailer park, you know those middle American not so cultured suburban trash chugging beer and not the girls I want to fuck….meaning Kim Kardashian is pretty much doing what everything about her would expect me to be doing….at least based n her body type…

I don’t know if I explained myself the way I wanted to, but what I am saying is that beer girls are pigs and so is Kim Kardashian, so it all makes sense and I didn’t have to post all those other words…about how pathetic and unerotic this is.

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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  • Amy

    Go fuck yourself!

  • Mike Krystewiski

    The writer of this site is a racist pig and not worth anyones time. I bet your wife/gf left you for a BLACK guy. Get your penis game up and that wont happen to you

  • whomever is responsible for this racist bullshit even being published on a social network should be shot immediately. This hillbilly, backwoods, cousin fucking asshole has some insecurities about himself when all he needs to do is call me or some of my homeboys and we’ll make sure his wife isn’t fucking the local milk guy or using all the AA batteries up instead of taking 2 min. out of her day to not be fucking you. Damn Loser, SMDH

  • PJ Reeves

    The fact that u got this up on a site, especially with fucked up grammar in the first sentence surprises me. Yes, we are lucky you :dont do really do: news period. I suggest you never try again, or shoot yourself… which ever comes first. Fuck your opinion, and you mother.
    -pj 🙂

  • I agree with all your thoughts here and that i really love your site! I’ve bookmarked it to ensure that Im able to return & read more sometime soon.