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Lady Gaga’s Ass Pants Go Shopping of the Day

Knowing I grabbed this is miserable. Knowing Gaga is unhappy people stopped talking about her so she staged this stunt and I’m talking about her is even more miserable than knowing I grabbed this ass, but then again grabbing ass, whether it is on a celebrity or not, whether it is on a monster looking bitch or not, is never really that miserable, even if it makes you want to throw up. It’s always kind of entertaining even if it is not erotic….

What it comes down to is that Lady Gaga is a vile circus freak, trying so hard to be relevant like she was Madonna and she’s ugly as fuck, but unfortunately that’s never stopped me for checking out an ass when it’s on display and that shouldn’t stop you.

Here are the miserable pics…

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  • wilfred

    you “grabbed” this arse? do you mean that literally or not? when did this disturbing event take place and just who the fuck are you? are you a shape-shifter, able to appear at a celebrity’s side at will. you’ve molested lady gaga and made out with lindsey lohan… are you real or imaginary? WTF ARE YOU?

  • Amazing Larry

    Hell who ‘hasn’t’ grabbed that ass, 5% of NYC claims to have, when her was a stripper and I don’t doubt most of them did.

    I’d love it if a store owner had the balls to refuse service due to inappropriate attire and if the word got out I’m sure the store would actually get more customers for doing so.

  • Amazing Larry

    opps, “her was a stripper” was suppose to be ‘he was a stripper’.