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Claire Chazal in her Bikini of the Day

Good thing I don’t know who this Claire Chazal woman is, because that way I can’t be sad when she finishes melting into the ocean. It’s like some Wizard of Oz shit where you got the gremlin wet after midnight and all that will be left of her is something disgusting, like a pile of decade old semen. I have seen it happen before, these slutty french ex-stripper hot dog stand workers who turn 40 all kinda start to look like this and you are left unable to see past their gaping assholes cuz you know all the dick that asshole took to get that way.

Apparently she’s a romance novel, so you can imagine what she’s done to herself to get inspiration for stories, and here are some pics of her doing the whole bikini thing when maybe she’d be better off in a snowsuit, you know for the sake of eroticism….

But I like bikinis……so here she is….

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow THis Link

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