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Clara Morgane’s 2011 Calendrier of the Day

Her name is Clara Morgane, based on this video, she’s some nude model from France who has a decent fan base, or at least enough of one to make a Calendar, for what I can only assume are people in their late 60s who don’t have a cell phone, laptop, desktop, car with a digital clock, or any of the other things our world has to offer that makes Calendar’s totally obsolete.

I’ve never heard of her, but I do know that french girls are nice a hairy in the right places, at least they are rumored to be, but feel that stereotype went out the window with the bikini wax, but I do know that french girls that despite being cheesy as hell, have anal on the first date, they are sexually laid back like that….making this twat even better than it already is.

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  • Flavio

    Dude, Clara Morgane isn’t just a french model she was a Porn Star! Search for her movies! ( i didn’t say they are good!)

  • Bob Smith

    She’s still pretty hot.