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Lucy Pinder Topless of the Day

Here’s some busty trash from the UK tanning topless depsite the general allergy to the sun I thought everyone from UK has…but then again maybe I’m not well educated on British people since I’ve never been there and assume they all have pasty white skin and brown mangled teeth…they all work as chimney sweepers and live in caravans…I saw Mary Poppins, I know how it is.

Her name is Lucy Pinder, she’s a busty Glamor Model celebrated for having big natural tits that she doesn’t mind showing off cuz everyone’s already seen them, and I don’t mind posting them, cuz I like tits.

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  • terryo

    YUMMY…YUMMY…YUMMY! Could really feast on those ta ta’s!

  • ‘Ol Dickless

    Those fat milk bags were MADE to coax pearl necklaces out of my grizzled nutsack.