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Rihanna in a Bikini in Barbados of the DAy

I always love seeing pictures of Rihanna back home in Barbados because I know everyone in Barbados hates her.

She’s living the life of luxury, making the people she went to church or school back when she was living in a shanty with her garbage man father, wait on her hand and foot, cuz that’s what she’s come to know….

She pretends they don’t know she was a teenage prostitute in the Karaoke bars on the island, sucking the right cock, or maybe she knows they all know and that’s why she walks around the beach like the prized pig at the county fair, to overcompensate for being full of shit, insecure, and a joke of a person…who deserved to get beat down by Chris Brown…but at least she’s getting paid for being barely talented….

I also love seeing her in pictures back home in Barbados because she’s wearing a bikini.


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  • M

    siiiiiigh stepfather, you really are a terrible waste of oxygen.

  • M is for Moron

    siiiiiigh M, you really are a terrible fucking moron aren’t you?

    You insult him, yet spend time reading and commenting on the articles? What a disgusting hypocrite.

  • Shakera

    You’re a pathetic excuse for a person. U should die.

  • AR

    You really are a fucking idiot. You try so damn hard to come off as clever and smart that it’s fucking laughable. And, I remember you saying once you were married. OMFG, that poor woman. Hopefully, she cheats on you left and right. But, you probably beat her ass on the regular. To…you know, ‘keep her in her place.’ You are a sexist, misogynistic pig that deserves a good, old fashion ass whooping. BTW, come to my home in Barbados and you will see for yourself you don’t know wtf it is you’re talking about. Please don’t make some generalize statement about us or our home b/c apparently you don’t know anything about us. Oh, and you so wish that everything you typed about OUR rihanna is true. But, you are way off. The only thing disgusting on this page is the idiot that write crap like this and they pathetic idiots that defend him.

  • These morons commenting probably believe comic books are real.

  • Bob Smith

    I would tip her $2 if she would bring my burger and beer down on the beach without spilling any.

    Other than that, I’m not sure why people get excited over her.

  • Rowan

    What a SLUT.

    Thank god no kids are involved..yet.