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Demi Moore in St Barts of the Day

I just posted the Brittney Jones sex tape that hit today. She was the rumored pussy Ashton got down with because Demi Moore is old and old chicks who like young dudes always let them go out and fuck girls their own age, so long as they come home to mommy…if anything, the old bitch is trying to find her sex drive cuz her pussy has been everywhere, and had done everything, from Bruce Willis to mutant baby production, that sitting in the corner watching her young husband slide his dick in some young slut while she masturbates makes her feel her worn down clit a little better, cuz her pussy is bored, tired, and ready for early retirement.

Here she is trying to be young in St Bart’s wearing a little dress that will turn into bikini pics by the new year, it always works out like that.

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  • Expletive:BMP

    Stargate Universe has been canceled and I’m in a foul fucking mood, it isn’t fuck you Tuesday because I’ve decided everyday is a fuck you day, but I’m pulling out all the stops and bull rushing pass my feelings of worthlessness and perpetual depression that fucks up the simplest of things, not to mention moods. And if you’re as crazy as I am, you know full well that moods are like desktop themes.
    Being ugly as fuck, Black as fuck, fat as fuck, Sick as fuck, tall as fuck, with big feet and a five inch dick, not to mention no back teeth, would make the bravest of fiends insidious at best. But i’m not insidious, just continuously foul. Demi Moore is the type of woman well suited for a piece of shit like myself because she’s wiser than she looks in her last picture which was her twit or tweet, or whatever the fuck you people call it— even if she’s a fucking floozy. Which only shows Ashton Kutcher’s brilliance; not only is he fucking a senior dame who is still attractive, but he’s sucking the same cunny dry which once held the meat sword of Bruce Willis. And fuckers, that’s saying something. Bruce Willis is perhaps the toughest American ever to walk this earth and the only soft side this dude has is his daughter Rumer Willis and for Hayzeus’ sake, look at her, that girl looks as if she was made of stone and permeated into flesh. That’s how awesome Bruce Willis is. Demi Moore could be awesome as well, but I think she’s just Rumer’s mom and Bruce Willis’ Ex-pocket pussy.