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Heidi Montag Playing Up Her Plastic Surgery of the Day

This hit magazine stands yesterday, so I can only assume this has done the rounds of the internet, but I figured for those of you who can’t get enough plastic surgery scars on useless, insecure, bottom feeding bitches you probably won’t remember in 2 years, despite her efforts to be remembered, cuz she doesn’t realize just how bullshit she is, you’d appreciate seeing Heidi Montag whine about surgery she did to herself in efforts to be seen as something worth looking at…when she really just ended up looking like a fucking clown….

This is from Life & Style, if you want to jerk off on her, you’ll have to buy the magazine…..cuz there’s just something magical about old school sticking pages together….Internet has tried to ruin that…but I’m hoping you won’t let it….

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  • Hondo

    Attention Whore wants attention. Any way she can get it.

  • cowbulls

    I’d like to do both before and after Heidi. I bet she is still super tight because surely that little ratfink husband of her didn’t do much. Hell, she may still be a virgin.


    the ‘shopped to hell fotos are hilarious …
    she WISHES she looked like that ..
    they brushed half her face & jaw out ..
    smart enough to photograph her sittin’ down at least ..
    ‘shopping in phoney legs is another hour of time …
    did the article lie about her height AGAIN? …

  • Sara

    HAHAHAHA SUCKER. And she thinks those scars are bad? Pfft.

  • barkerman

    She was (and still is) an attractive girl… I don’t know if it it was insecurity or plain stupidity that made her get the surgeries.

    I’m guessing it was a combination of both.

  • Moedart

    This happens to stupid people doing stupid things following stupid advises from stupid significant others….

  • pat

    I think she very hot I would so fuck her all night

  • Melissa

    She was pretty before the surgery. The only thing I could really understand were the FIRST breast implants. Sad.