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Nicole Scherzinger for FHM of the Day

I know, I can’t believe FHM hasn’t gone bankrupt yet either. It’s like that shit is such a dated concept from 1990 that you’d think would have seen its last advertising dollar 3-5 years ago when the internet took the fuck over, you know when you didn’t need to spend 5 dollars are bullshit articles that were put together by a group of fucking monkeys, giving you bullshit generic advice that they just threw together to fill the pages and sell ads around the pictures of the starlets they did photoshoots with….but apparently I am wrong, but clearly their budgets have been severely cut, you know since no one buys the shit, cuz their idea of fresh pussy we want to see half naked is Nicole Scherzinger because she is all they could afford, I mean hasn’t she already had her moment of glory, and haven’t we moved onto better things and I guess according to me posting this shit, we haven’t….

So here is her tight, hard body and hard face half naked for a magazine I am amazed hasn’t gone broke, but who I can assure you is on their last threads…enjoy. And if you’re really creepy, be sure to read the blurbs about what she looks for in a man, shit is riveting…deserves an award and shit.

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  • Walter

    these are pics from Maxim last year

  • Travis

    Ugly overrated bitch.
    Looks like a fucking wombat…