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Emanuela de Paula in Vogue Brazil’s All Black Issue of the Day

Like BET, KFC Cheap Tuesday night and the fat white chick in my building with 4 kids with different dads, Vogue Brazil decided to do an All Black Model issue and I’m fuckin’ down….you see Black women are like the forbidden fruit because they won’t give me the time of day, cuz unlike black men who will fuck anything, black chicks are more into hating the white women who are stealing their men, so there’s not time for them to bed a fat, small penised Mexican….I mean I’ve been turned down by black women in bars, in stripclubs, even black prostitutes on the street, it’s like I’m in a fucking white hood or some shit that whenever a black girls sees me, her pussy is closed for business and that just makes me want one more….and I’m not talking about Halle Berry white chick disguised as black for ratings, I don’t want any of that suburban shit, I want real fucking deal, but I know I’ll never get it, so I’ll just look at these pics of Emanuela de Paula’s nipples for fashion, thinking about what coulda been if life wasn’t this hell I am living…

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  • jt

    emanuela is half white you moron!