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Emanuela de Paula Catalog Model of the Day

Our life, at least my life, since this is my site and all about me and my personal interests that aren’t actually my interests, but rather my scam to trick people to read my broken english and bad jokes, because it validates my existence like a sad girl with no daddy sucking her first dick on camera for the glory of showing the world you are broken and have no soul…is not complete without shitty catalog bikini pics featuring some model with a hot ass…because models with hot asses, even if they are a dime a dozen thanks to the internet, instagram, hormones in the food and fitness…are still my fucking favorite, and bikini catalog pics, something that used to be exciting are so fucking boring, that they make masturbation to them a challenge, and when you don’t get off the couch, some competitive sport, even if it is competing with yourself, is essential for survival..

Today, her that model is Emanuela de Paula, she’s from Brazil, 24, half black, which is black enough to be considered black by the industry at the KKK, and she’s done all kinds for modelling, and here is a sample..

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Emanuela de Paula for AW Collection of the Day

Sweet…just what I was looking for today…pictures of some hot young Brazilian model wearing awkward mom lingerie…I love the contouring effect the SPANX produce, giving the illusion that a fat bitch is not quite as fat, and I love the fact that they used some fit little model to show off the benefits of this shitty fucking underwear collection…

Catalog shots, although the internet exists, are porn to me, because some of us have a hard time letting go to the 80s, when catalog pics were all we fucking had…the shitty shot, awkward pose, low quality set up, just makes me bust all over my inner thigh…good thing my dog’s here to lick it up, cuz shit I’m too lazy to get off this fucking couch motherfucker….

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Emanuela de Paula for Next Lingerie of the Day

Emanuela de Paula and what better way to celebrate a horrible winter wherever the fuck you are than by looking at a Brazilian model in her underwear cuz it’s Summer there….

She’s half white, half black, all Brazilian, all amazing….she calls herself a MULATO….which is a bad bad word that people think is racist now…up there with fag…but I guess it’s ok since she calls herself that…and it’s better than calling her a half breed….or Mommy’s jungle fever bi-product – am I right people?

She’s actually done a ton of fucking work, especially for a 23 year old, I’ve just never heard of her, cuz guess what…I don’t track the fashion industry like a fag…or a mulato….oh those words…they burn my tongue when I say them….

All this to say….she’s a babe, even in half naked lingerie Catolog Shots for a company that isn’t Victoria’s Secret….catalog shots aka my favorite kind of photography…it is so creative and artistic….

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Emanuela de Paula in Vogue Brazil’s All Black Issue of the Day

Like BET, KFC Cheap Tuesday night and the fat white chick in my building with 4 kids with different dads, Vogue Brazil decided to do an All Black Model issue and I’m fuckin’ down….you see Black women are like the forbidden fruit because they won’t give me the time of day, cuz unlike black men who will fuck anything, black chicks are more into hating the white women who are stealing their men, so there’s not time for them to bed a fat, small penised Mexican….I mean I’ve been turned down by black women in bars, in stripclubs, even black prostitutes on the street, it’s like I’m in a fucking white hood or some shit that whenever a black girls sees me, her pussy is closed for business and that just makes me want one more….and I’m not talking about Halle Berry white chick disguised as black for ratings, I don’t want any of that suburban shit, I want real fucking deal, but I know I’ll never get it, so I’ll just look at these pics of Emanuela de Paula’s nipples for fashion, thinking about what coulda been if life wasn’t this hell I am living…

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Emanuela de Paula Poses for Victoria’s Secret of the Day

I don’t keep track of all these half naked vaginas who get overpaid to get half naked on the beach for some corporation that use their half naked bodies to sell underwear and bikinis, when they could really re-work their strategy and have any half naked bitch modeling their shit, it would have the same affect, instead of these cunts who get paid too much and in turn get egos that make them not suck your dick for fame, because they are already more famous than you. But I do know there are too many of these bitches too remember, but never too many to get off to, I figure keep on recruiting these immigrants, steal them from their homes, turn them into your slaves and dress them in your clothes, because we’ll keep jerking off to the shit…

Here’s Emanuela de Paula posing…

Pics via Fame

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