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Emanuela de Paula for Next Lingerie of the Day

Emanuela de Paula and what better way to celebrate a horrible winter wherever the fuck you are than by looking at a Brazilian model in her underwear cuz it’s Summer there….

She’s half white, half black, all Brazilian, all amazing….she calls herself a MULATO….which is a bad bad word that people think is racist now…up there with fag…but I guess it’s ok since she calls herself that…and it’s better than calling her a half breed….or Mommy’s jungle fever bi-product – am I right people?

She’s actually done a ton of fucking work, especially for a 23 year old, I’ve just never heard of her, cuz guess what…I don’t track the fashion industry like a fag…or a mulato….oh those words…they burn my tongue when I say them….

All this to say….she’s a babe, even in half naked lingerie Catolog Shots for a company that isn’t Victoria’s Secret….catalog shots aka my favorite kind of photography…it is so creative and artistic….

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