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Hobie From Baywatch’s New Wife in a Bikini of the Day

If you’re wondering what happened to Hobie from Baywatch, you know because you were so into that show growing up, at least for masturbation purposes that you feel some sort of attachment to the guy, you know cuz while masturbating to the show….you’d get caught up in the storyline and while building up to climax….you’d be forced to hear his antics….making you feel like you know the guy….

Well, he’s been out getting married to a fitness model we can assume he met while working out, or maybe on a dating site for fit people against fat people, a site that if it doesn’t exist I should start, cuz despite being a fat dude, I hate fat chicks so much you’d think I wasn’t…. hater….

They are on the beach…as that is the common thread that is his life….

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