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Rita Ora Bikini in Dubai Continues of the Day

Rita Ora, despite having a major record deal, a decent fan base and being booked as the next Rihanna in the media…is an enemy to man…and not because she’s got a curvy big titty body she likes to celebrate by posting pics…and flashing nipple…..because that’s actually her only redeeming quality….she is an enemy to man because when she was using the Kardashians and a platform to get out there by having sex with Rob Kardashian, the one who masturbates to Kim Kardashian’s Porno…she didn’t blow up the fucking house and rid the world of that evil…

But like I said, her tits can save her and here they are in a bikini in Dubai…making Arab men everywhere hate the Western World even more by giving them boners…since all they are used to is Ninja pussy.

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