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Is this J.Woww Topless?? of the Day

My good friend Mahmoud, who I have never met or spent time with, discussing politics or the muslim faith over ham sandwiches, emailed me and a handful of other sites who don’t trade traffic with me, asking if this was J.Woww.

It is supposed to be 3 years ago, when she was 23 and I’ve never seen Jersey Shore, since I feel it is the devil’s work, and I wouldnt know if it was or wasn’t, but figure you’re into this kind of thing and you will have the answers oh mighty pervert reader I know doesn’t actually exist but in a figment of my imagination…..

So the question of the day is is this J.Woww’s tits or not. I’m going with no, however the girl in the pics is definitely equally lame, cheesy and ready for her Ed Hardy and bottle of Goose to dance on tables and show everyone her gutter thonged drunk ass, from the fake Chanel to the white ink heart tattoo, we know that if this isn’t J.Woww, we’re dealing with one of her kind….some stripper looking trash….I’d expect to be topless…all the time…to feed her illegitimate babies…

Update: Mahmoud just sent this in, if you are wondering the source of the video, that Mahmoud has all the answers….

This was from a Girls Gone Wild best of video called “TOP 50 BESt BREASTs EVER” she was number 36.

Update from Mahmoud – Who has really been investigating this:

I got this reply from Girls Gone Wild V.P.:

“thanks for the email but that is not JWow. We know who the girl is that you sent pictures of and have confirmed her identity. Thanks for trying and keep watching Girls Gone Wild.”

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