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Lily Aldridge in Her Bikini for Victoria’s Secret of the Day

Lily Aldridge is a Victoria’s Secret Angel who I have kinda heard of. Not because she’s famous and not because I keep track of who Victoria’s Secret hires to walk their fashion shows or star in their boring catalongs and not because I keep track of the people who marry the members of Kings of Leon band but because I am in love with her sister.

It’s not real love because love doesn’t exist and I have never actually met her. It is a love that came over the internet after being friends on facebook since she was 15 years old, you know in an attempt to befriend her when she was young so that when she turns 18 it’ll be natural progression to bed me…I hardly ever talk to her anymore, but when we did it was glorious and that’s good enough for me….because if I did ever try to kidnap her and make her my child wife like she was that Smart kid, I’d be totally distracted at family functions by this sister of hers, cuz I had no idea just how pretty fucking magnificent she is….

Here are her pics, hard at work.

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  • cowbulls

    I can deal with the flat chest but I wish she had a curvier ass. The rest of her is damn fine. Those legs should be damn functional.

  • Expletive:BMP

    scrawny, but then, after working at the mall at marathon this pass christmas, i’ve come to the realization that scrawny cunny can be awesome, not that i’m no longer a virgin and sampled some, but the ones i saw in TH, well, life is good, even though i’m a tall black, ugly as fuck virgin loser who isn’t forty yet, but is not that far off and may still be a virgin by forty–but scrawny isn’t that bad, i guess.

  • Al

    She’s hot! She just dint get her mom, Laura Lyons, tits.