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Lily Aldridge Does LUI of the Day


The photographer is David Bellemere, the magazine, is a repurposed porn magazine from france that they’ve decided to turn into a sexy and naked fashion magazine.

To date, they’ve had countless top models and Rita Ora naked….

For some reason, LILY ALDRIDGE, the LA Socialite turned Band Groupie, Turned Tampon Model, Turned Victoria’s Secret model – is not naked in this shit.

Maybe she’s figured out that getting naked is so basic, and leaving something to the imagination is respectable and hot…

Maybe she’s not confident in her naked body, and why put it out there for free, I mean she is a Victoria’s Secret model…right…

Maybe it doesn’t matter. Just another rich kid getting aheard…while you’re stuck on the treadmill hell that is your life…

But why isn’t she naked in a naked magazine…


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Lily Aldridge for Vogue Spain of the Day


Lily Aldridge is a Victoria’s Secret, LA Rich girl, who like Gigi Hadid, was very into the scene, did some commercial modeling, and in her case married a guy in a rock band, taking that commercial modeling, to the top of commercial modeling, where she’s spent the last 8-10 years of her life…working for the biggest brand as one of their angels…pretty crazy right…not really, I mean Victoria’s Secret has been pulling “it girls” even before there was social media to work for them, it’s just all part of their marketing, because as you know, there are hundreds of thousands of girls hotter than Lily Aldridge in the world…and in her own home…her sister Ruby…is everything..

Not that that matters, what matters is that working for a sweatshop driven, repackaging made in china shit, and basically painting it gold and adding sparkles to it, figuratively, by using well designed stores and models…has become the stamp of approval in pop culture…and this bitch has it…even Vogue Spain is into her…

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Lily Aldridge is Spread Legged for S Moda of the Day

Lily Aldridge is part of the Victoria’s Secret Mafia, who are out there promoting the whole Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, where they probably make something like 90 percent of their yearly revenue, so they take it very fucking seriously, and we are currently in the period of the build up, where they PR teams get mainstream press, trying to push their angels, I get it. America is dumb, infomercials on network television work if they feature half naked girls…getting everyone excited about janky shit quality sweatshop clothes…available in every mall in America…

She’s also spreading her legs in a pantsuit, like she was Hillary Clinton if Hilary Clinton wasn’t a lesbian, and if this was Hustler magazine in the 70s, it’d be porn, but today, it’s just boring…because Lily is boring….

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Lily Aldridge for GQ UK of the Day

Lily Aldridge bores me. She’s hardly got a body, but is still an alleged lingerie supermodel because the general public gets sucked into the whole Victoria’s Secret marketing campaign that this brat is a part of…

She’s essentially been a scenester who fucks guys in bands, and in doing that, she’s met the key people in her “circle”…and pulled a massive scam…where she went from doing tampax commercials to this….

That’s not to say she’s a horrible person just because she’s connected, even if she’s probably are horrible person…it’s just to say that she’s not that great, despite what we can assume she thinks about herself and now she’s in GQ UK….half naked…like her mom…who was in Playboy…only without the vagina lips…

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Lily Aldridge in a Bathing Suit for Glamour France of the DAy

Lily Aldridge did this shoot for Glamour France, where she wore a variety of bathing suits in public, under a coat, like she was some kind of flasher, or streaker, or exhibitionist cam girl just trying to get tips, and not the fame whore, entitled rich kid who maneuvered her way to what I guess is the top for average self proclaimed instagram models before instagram models…right time, right place, knew the right people, strike for the gold…which in her case is a Victoria’s Secret contract for ego, and rockstar husband for status, and money…well she always had that so it doesn’t matter.

These pictures could be better if she was getting fucked up the ass in them.

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Lily Aldridge is Greasy for James Macari of the Day

Her name is Lily Aldridge. You probably know her as a Victoria’s Secret angel, since that’s what really made her relevant. I know her as some LA scenester chick, who was the daughter of a Playboy Playmate, who grew up in the LA rich kid scene, and in doing that positioned herself with rockstars, modelling agents and whoever else could give her work…she was in the VIP at the parties…booking shitty tampon commercials before actually locking down the rockstar and leveraging that with Victoria’s Secret be be the Rockstar wife model on their roster…

She’s hot enough, likely a horrible opportunist fame whore, but then again who isn’t…and I guess what the lesson we can all learn from this is that if you move to LA or New York and party with the right people, you’ll get an actual career out of it…and if not a career, a retirement plan thanks to getting knocked up by a rich dude….at least if you’re a girl…if you’re a dude…that’d be pretty gay and impossible..

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Lily Aldridge Boring for Glamour Magazine of the Day

I like to think that Lily Aldridge scammed the fucking system. She’s one of these entitled LA rich kid scenesters who grew up around the cool kids who “ran shit” in her city…and in doing so she got VIP and backstage at all the events…always dating the guy in the band, whether it was Kings of Leon or some other shitty act…like Maroon 5…you can’t hide your past…all while booking commercials…like tampon ads…

Then one day, she tricked a booker at the right agency to pull her out of commercial modelling she was only getting because she knew the right people, to actual modelling, because no commercial model really likes being referred to as a commercial model, but all models want to be Victoria’s Secret girls…so I guess the team at Victoria’s Secret factored in the fact her Husband was in a huge band, and the fact that she’s not that bad looking, even if she’s short, and her implants were small enough to fit in with the other girls, so book her in…it’s not like they even had to pay her.

I am convinced, she is a volunteer working for them. I am also convinced she’s a horrible person…the only interesting thing about her is that her mom was a Playmate in the 60s and I’m all looking at bids of anyone raised by pornstars of their generation…even if I think they suck.

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Lily Aldridge for Galore Magazine of the Day

Lily Aldridge is some LA rich kid hooker who thinks she is entitled to date or marry famous people because she grew up around it and that’s what all her other rich kid friends were doing..and thanks to being the backstage groupie at all the concerts she’s landed a band guy as a husband that I am sure she doesn’t think she groupied, but rather deserved, because she’s this cool bi-costal “model” thanks to her family connections…and thanks to that shit it’s helped her land Victoria’s Secret, a contract that is far more scandalous than this gutter shoot for GALORE …but I’ll post it anyway..because..I got very little going on today…and I’d rather spend my time posting nonsense like this…because whether cunts were born into something half naked, or whether they spent years working towards working half naked, or even if they are getting half naked to pay for their crack rock, I am down…

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Lily Aldridge in Some Victoria’s Secret Catalog Shots of the Day

Lily Aldridge is really not that hot. I am looking at these pics, that are photoshopped from the latest Victoria’s Secret Catalog and her face and body are not all that great. I mean this is Victoria’s Secret, and she’s holding down the whole team, you know a roster of amazingness, is only as strong as the weakest link.

Sure her body isn’t fat, it’s kinda ripped in a good way, she’s a Victoria’s Secret model, all she has to do is stay fit…but that face, it is hard, it has fake lips, it’s just fucking bullshit, bullshit that I can only assume came from fucking the right guy in a band, like the serial groupie she is, or maybe just knowing the right people…

All this to say, she doesn’t deserve it, and here are her pics to prove it.

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Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge Model Bikinis of the Day

You know what….Victoria’s Secret models have pretty good bodies.

You should print this up, tape it to your fridge, and tell your wife how you expect her to look like this in the next 3 to 8 months, and everytime you see her snacking, show her what girls are supposed to look like….the subtle approach will either land you a hotter wife, or better, she’ll leave you for reasons of emotional abuse, take half of everything you have, and leave you free to masturbate to girls like this, cuz we all know there’s no way any of these girls are fucking you….

All this to say, I’m a fan of staring at them…


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