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Lily Aldridge in Some Victoria’s Secret Catalog Shots of the Day

Lily Aldridge is really not that hot. I am looking at these pics, that are photoshopped from the latest Victoria’s Secret Catalog and her face and body are not all that great. I mean this is Victoria’s Secret, and she’s holding down the whole team, you know a roster of amazingness, is only as strong as the weakest link.

Sure her body isn’t fat, it’s kinda ripped in a good way, she’s a Victoria’s Secret model, all she has to do is stay fit…but that face, it is hard, it has fake lips, it’s just fucking bullshit, bullshit that I can only assume came from fucking the right guy in a band, like the serial groupie she is, or maybe just knowing the right people…

All this to say, she doesn’t deserve it, and here are her pics to prove it.

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  • So that’s how she got there? Maybe if I groupied for something other than E-Town Concrete, Slipknot, Slayer & Death Metal bands, I could have been something.

    Oh wells.