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Barbara Palvin Hot for El Pais Semanal of the Day

I think it is safe to say that 19 year old Hungarian model, who miraculously, isn’t working at a dairy farm in Hungary like you’d expect most 19 year old Hungarians to be doing, but is instead an international model, is looking her best in these pics….

I don’t know what “El Pais Semanal” is, I just know they took an otherwise uneventful looking girl, who has managed international modelling success for whatever reason, and slut her out proper.

This is by far the best we’ve seen her, and for that we must celebrate….not that we wouldn’t celebrate if she was in a fucking snow suit, the whole fact she’s 19, for perverts like us, makes her worth a fuck, even if she was 50 pounds heavier and missing teeth…

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  • If I had seminal fluids I would excrete it all over her el pais.