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Snooki Monster’s Disgusting Panties Promoting Her Book of the Day

The fact that this half retarded troll is on a book tour makes me really question the state of America. I realize that she probably didn’t write the shit, but the fact that a publisher would put out the shit, is fucking scary and not even because she’s an ugly, pig of a person who seems like she was created in a fucking trash can outside a local stripclub when a used condom from one of the clients accidentally got a used tampon fertilized, but because everything that comes out of her mouth is everything that is wrong with America and now it is immortalized in book with all the greats before her, like Hemingway and Mark Twain and people who actually knew how to spell their fucking names…..Clearly, this is a product of publishers trying to stay current, relevant and meet sales objectives, it is their answer to not go broke, cuz no one reads anymore and if they do it’s on the internet or at the level of a third grader…we are all fucking doomed.

Here is disgusting on some Roseanne Barr kick making me nervous cuz I know when things like this are idolized the end is near

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