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Natalie Portman Topless for Miss Dior of the Day

Natalie Portman went topless for Miss Dior because they paid her and apparently went bottomless for whoever the fuck the guy who strategically knocked her up when he was up inside her was…a man you probably know well because you are likely one of those virgin losers who is obsessed with Natalie Portman, possibly cuz you are jewish and have pressure to marry jewish to have jewish babies, or just because she was in Star Wars, a movie you like to channel in your everyday masturbation sessions and really – this is not all that hot – unless you get off to back, which you probably do, just because it is attached to this Portman pre-marital sex before a shotgun wedding like a redneck slut….

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  • Mom’s Vibrator

    Holy fucking shitfuck, this rambling fucking disjointed fucking incoherent fucking shitfuck pile of fucking shit nonsense is the shittiest, most fucked up pile of fucking shitfuck nonsense I’ve ever fucking read.