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Victoria’s Secret Does GQ of the Day

It’s funny that the GQ photoshoot with the Victoria’s Secret models is substantially better than any photoshoot Victoria’s Secret does with their models. It just proves my point that Victoria’s Secret is lazy as fuck. They’ve found a winning formula and feel there is no need to innovate, change, or modify what they do, so they continue to produce the same low level catalog shots they’ve been doing for decades, only starring different girls, and we all look at the pictures cuz we like pictures of half naked bitches no matter what format camera they are shot on, especially when those models look like this…

So I guess we should give GQ credit for bringing yet another amazing photoshoot to the internet. They’ve been pretty constant but who cares about GQ, these girls would look good sketched by a retarded kid who has the shakes and constantly sneezes….

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  • Al

    I choose CANDICE!