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Venus Williams Wet Crotch Picture of the Day

Nothing says sexy like a pussy so sweaty that it makes the bitch look like she pissed herself….Not that Venus Williams is really that hot in any setting other than her family functions….because compared to her sister, the old man down the street from me when he’s clean shaven looks like an 18 year old virgin in a school girl outfit with no panties or bra on….if you know what I mean….and if you don’t…then either do I….I am too distracted by what the chemical composition of the liquid that made her shorts look like this is….is it piss….is is vagina juice…is it just sweat and is that sweat from her asshole…is it a serious runny years infection….did she let an elephant cum insider her and now it’s dripping out…it’s a fucking science experiment I can’t get enough of because I’m weird and love everything wet about vaginas…from pee, to stained close, to STDs….they all drive me nutty….so if I keep looking at this Venus Williams shit…this picture may just end up getting anally raped….

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  • Expletive:BMP

    Today , I don’t give a flying monkey fuck about any of it, but after reading Hayzeus’ bit about wet crotches, I became intrigued. yes this child looks like a gorilla, but not as much as her sister does, But that’s how people are, we’re all ugly mutha-fuckas, the only thing is, you have so many white people that they’re a lot of ugly ones, and a lot of pretty ones, but the ugly ones stay home and make ugly babies and the good looking ones try to be famous, even if they fail mostly, and that’s why this here monkey looking nigga child is famous and European white men want to drink wine from her, but especially her sister’s, cunny: Because they’re exotic and animal looking, and a lot of yous whites want to fuck with animals, so fucking a nigga is the closest you can get to fucking an animal without having to have had actually fucked an animal, true story.

  • Expletive:BMP

    Though I don’t look like a gorilla, I’m big and tall like a bear, but if you call me gay bear, or think of me as a gay bear, I’d beat the living shit out of you, and not with my five inch dick either.

  • Travis

    An elephant couldn’t handle this…