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Venus WIlliams is in Canada of the Day

Venus Williams is in Canada playing tennis….less than 2 hours away from me. Vegas has her at a 10/1 favorite on Thursday according to SBR. I have her at a 5% chance I will hitchhike to find her and tell her I want her to play tennis with her possible vagina…on my face…

You see, I have a thing for women’s tennis…and this one is top level player, but more importantly, in my sexual deviance…after years of overexposure to babes…I am starting to branch off from the traditional skinny model looking girls and at least trying to explore big black fit women who can destroy me…it’s not really my thing, but ya know…life is short, gotta keep it exciting.

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Venus Williams Hot Bikini Body of the Day

This is fucking horrible, disgusting, vile, confusing, unnatural…all things that on their own are negatives, but combined are amazing…

Seriously, I’m turned on….

This bitch is like a science experiment jacked on performance drugs and gender bending hormones….her ass huge and round…her clit long and hard…ready to fuck and be fucked…fat tits and a winning personality…just perfection…especailly if you have no fucking standards…or like thick bitches in bikinis….and by thick I mean bitches with arms of a fucking dude….and the handjob grip that is so scary and dangerous that it is exciting….

I’ve never liked female body builder night at the strip club where the strippers did chin-ups….and I’m not so into the shit now…but I’m not you so here it is….FOLLOW ME

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Venus Williams Wet Crotch Picture of the Day

Nothing says sexy like a pussy so sweaty that it makes the bitch look like she pissed herself….Not that Venus Williams is really that hot in any setting other than her family functions….because compared to her sister, the old man down the street from me when he’s clean shaven looks like an 18 year old virgin in a school girl outfit with no panties or bra on….if you know what I mean….and if you don’t…then either do I….I am too distracted by what the chemical composition of the liquid that made her shorts look like this is….is it piss….is is vagina juice…is it just sweat and is that sweat from her asshole…is it a serious runny years infection….did she let an elephant cum insider her and now it’s dripping out…it’s a fucking science experiment I can’t get enough of because I’m weird and love everything wet about vaginas…from pee, to stained close, to STDs….they all drive me nutty….so if I keep looking at this Venus Williams shit…this picture may just end up getting anally raped….

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Venus WIlliams Booty Hittin’ Balls of the Day

Not a day in my life goes by without me thinking about a big round black woman ass, sure I don’t necessarily love when that ass is attached to a pro athlete, because there’s something about female pro athletes that makes me think they are more into having their clits jerked off, like dudesbecause of the whole trading in their vagina’s for muscles after years of hard training thing, but a round ass in tight pants seems to have the ability to make me forget….plus it’s not like Venus Williams is her monster sister…and tennis is probably as dainty a pro sport a girl could be into, so this round black ass has some redeeming factors you will notice if you can get past staring at the mom’s fat tits….

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The Venus William Brown Underwear Pictures of the Day

I was always a fan of brown underwear for obvious reasons that include me not owning a washing machine and finding the time to go to the laundromat annoying, especially when I have to use my hard earned stolen money on the shit, as well as me not really being the kind of guy who always has toilet paper or a shower close by and my health isn’t the strongest where sometimes my ass spits out random things I assume is shit but looks more like brown phlegm…not that you care….

Venus Williams on the otherhand likes brown underwear because it matches her skin color and makes her look like she’s mooning the classy tennis spectators because as the only black girl in tennis, she’s got a responsibility to keep things gutter like the Housing Projects…

I may not like her fat ass, but I like what she’s doing here, it makes tennis funny again, somethign its been missing since Agassi’s hair….and I know I posted the video of this last week and that it is old news…but I prefer it in picture…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Venus Williams Tennis Ass Flash of the Day

I don’t understand these videos, they are kinda creepy as fuck, but apparently Venus Williams decided to match her underwear to her skin color to make the world think she was playing tennis naked, like some kind of bad halloween costume which may have made the sport a little more interesting to watch for some, it wasn’t enough for me to jerk off to because female tennis has always been an amazing sport to watch in terms of getting turned on. It is the reason we watch it, historically there have been a bunch of young hot players the public has fallen in fucking love with because watching a bitch play tennis is graceful, sweaty, peppered with grunts you can only recreate 12 inches deep in her ass, all while wearing little skirts and showing off panty, sweaty cameltoe and other good things….making this just all par for the court….

Here she is in action……

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Venus Williams Dressed like a Gorilla in a Bikini of the Day

I was going to say that it’s not Halloween and that Venus Williams can take off her Gorilla suit, especially when at the beach, where it’s hot and could lead to some kind of heat exhaustion or death, like what happened to an old crazy lady who lived in my building and always wore snow suits in the middle of summer, because she didn’t realize it was summer, and she just ended up roasting to death in her apartment a few years ago, but then I realized that shit is just her Hulk body and remembered some of you weirdo’s find her hot, especially when she lets other girls climb up on her like she’s some kind of amusement ride.

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