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Miss America Bikini Pictures of the Day

Apparently there was a beauty pageant and with all beauty pageants they had a bikini competition because you can’t spell beauty without bikini. I know that made no sense….I am just bored as fuck and these pictures aren’t doing it for me…I hate pageant girls…mainly because they are the ones who enlist themselves in the shit…meaning they think they have what it takes to make it and win…while I far prefer bitches who don’t realize they are hot and worth listening to talk about generic questions and policies they know nothing about…it’s easier to deal with…

These pageant girls have had too much positive reenforcement…the kind of person you will kill yourself if you ever land her and get the opportunity to knock her up and take it cuz girls like that aren’t supposed to let guys like you in them….Since I don’t have the right to post these pictures….here is a totally unrelated beauty paegeant….

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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